The Great Escapade

Cynical Modernism.

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Message/reply things to do in San Francisco and the bay area, please. I’m here in Berkeley for a few days and any recommendations would be great. Cafes, coffee, music, interesting stores, sights, just anything really.


from The Desert For Clouds

Masumi Miyazaki

Sacai - Metal Spring/Summer 2014

Zhu Jinshi - Scholarly Monk’s Residence (2006)

Oh what a beautiful,
Wispy like lightly matted walls of fur,
Cerebral padding for the dull but angular case,
I have gotten so comfortable,
Alkaline tastes sit in my throat,
Melt through my chest, let it go,
Fresh hole to let it leak, subdued the crisis by puncturing the dam,
I’m not sure what where it is I am,
Get a bit further, feel closer,
Let my thoughts be there,
Hold me tight and spill your blood,
If you make it beautiful, I don’t mind you eating my heart,
Given there’s room for two in the pit of your stomach


UntitledTobias Faisst